June 19 - Yukon University
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Useful Links

Here are some interesting links on what's going on outside Yukon in the Orienteering world. If you have some interesting orienteering related sites that you know of that are not on this list, please send us the links.


Orienteering Canada

Orienteering USA

International Orienteering Federation


Orienteering Association of B.C.

Alberta Orienteering Association


Greater Vancouver Orienteering Club

Sage Orienteering and Rogaining Club


Edmonton Overlanders Orienteering Club

Foothill Wanderers Orienteering Club

Arctic Orienteering Club (Alaska)

News/Discussion Sites

Attack Point –also a place to log your training

World of O –for the latest in international orienteering and hundreds of runners’ blogs

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Volunteering is a great way to meet other orienteers and to learn new skills.
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Learn To Orienteer

Orienteering Canada