June 19 - Yukon University
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June 19. Yukon University, Yukon Orienteering Middle Championships

  • Where: West side of Mountainview roundabout to Whistle Bend. See Google pin
  • Parking: Please approach event from Porter Creek (southbound). Do NOT try a left turn across Mountainview! Space is limited - please angle-park to maximize the number of cars that can fit
  • When: Registration opens at 6:00pm, first starts at 6:00pm. Course closure at 8:30pm.
  • Start: There is a nearly-flat 500m walk to the start from the arena/parking.

The area has a dense network of trails, interesting (and sometimes steep) topography, some beautiful open forest interspersed with dense overgrown areas. This event is a middle-distance event. The fastest winning time on the Expert course is expected to be about 30-35min. There is no water on the course.

  • Novice - 1.7 km
  • Intermediate - 2.0 km
  • Advanced - 2.5 km
  • Expert - 4.1 km

June 26. Yukon Orienteering Sprint Championships

Detailed information on this event will be posted shortly.

YOA 2024 membership (or any Orienteering Canada club) is required for all events.
To avoid delays, register and accept waiver on-line by 7pm the day before.

YOA has phased out it's paper based membership form and waiver. On site membership/waiver is done on a smart phone with a credit card.

Click here to visit YOA membership system. If done after 7pm the day before, bring a copy of your membership receipt (paper or electronic).

Staying Safe While Orienteering

Every orienteering participant should read the document Staying Safe While Orienteering (PDF).

Bears And YOA Meets

NOTE: There may be bears in any of the map areas where YOA meets are held. YOU must be “bear aware”. To reduce risk, use precautions set out in the booklet How you can STAY SAFE in bear country.

Dogs At YOA Meets

A dog biting incident has prompted the executive to advise orienteers bringing dogs to events to:

  • Leash your dog while in the parking/assembly/start areas;
  • If dogs accompany you on your course, they must be under your immediate control at all times;
  • If there are more incidents or complaints, we may need to take a more stringent approach.
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The High Performance Program (HPP) is Canada's national athletes who show potential to represent Canada at Junior World Championships and World Championships. Read more about the HPP here.