June 19 - Yukon University
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Benefits of Orienteering

Get a Great Workout

Get a great aerobic workout without the boredom of plodding along. With your mind focused on finding your way and reading the map, the time will fly by.

Challenge Your Brain

Orienteering involves transferring the 2D map image into the 3D real world while solving the puzzle of which route to take. Add fatigue and speed to the mix and you can see that it requires great concentration too.

Find Some Treasure (sort of)

Orienteering is not unlike a treasure hunt. Finding the control point you are looking for is almost as exciting. Bring out the inner kid in you!

Explore Nature

With over 15 maps around Whitehorse and several more in the communities you are bound to discover some beautiful new spots. Even familiar areas take on a new look when you venture off the trails.

Learn Valuable Outdoor Skills

Being able to read a map, use a compass and make good route choices are invaluable for many other outdoor activities such as backpacking, biking or backcountry skiing.

Keep Fit For Life

Whether you are 8 or 80, we have a course to challenge and invigorate you.

Get Out As A Family

Orienteering is flexible. Courses can be done as a group or individually. So you can go out on one course with your 8 year old, while your teenager is challenged on another.

Benefits Of Membership

Become a member of the Yukon Orienteering Association and receive the following benefits:

  • Only $5 per person for an annual membership (family membership max $20).
  • Time saved registering for events.
  • Eligibility for Yukon Championships and other nationally sanctioned events.
  • Participation in Kids Running Wild and Training Programs * Other fees apply
  • Newsletters informing you of orienteering activities.
  • Email updates with the latest news.

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Volunteering is a great way to meet other orienteers and to learn new skills.
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