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The Yukon Orienteering Association is the sport governing body for orienteering in the Yukon Territory. It is a volunteer based organization that coordinates and administers various programs devoted to the promotion and development of orienteering.

As orienteering is a sport using maps (see What is orienteering? for a detailed description of the sport), a large part of the mandate of the Yukon Orienteering Association is the production and maintenance of maps so that we may run our various programs and events.

Our programs include an annual Learn To Orienteer Clinic and Youth And Adult Development Programs.

From May to September there are casual bi-weekly Wednesday night meets with courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced orienteers. Check out our Calendar of Events. Additional events include an annual Yukon Championships featuring a larger variety of course difficulties and lengths. The Yukon Orienteering Association has also hosted the Western Canadian Orienteering Championships (1994, 1998, 2002, 2006, 2011, 2015) and the Canadian Orienteering Championships (2004, 2011).

Also see our History and Success page.

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