IOF Advisor: Unni Strand Karlsen

Event Planners: Selene Vakharia and Angela Drainville

Event Course Planner Controller
NAOC Long (WRE) Ross Burnett Philippa McNeil
NAOC Middle (WRE) Barbara Scheck John Rance
NAOC Sprint (WRE) Brent Langbakk Erik Blake
NAOC Relay Forest Pearson Adrian Zissos* and Bryan Chubb
COC Long Marg Ellis Adrian Zissos* and Don Bayly
COC Middle Marion Owen Brian Ellis
HPP Fundraiser Bruce McLean HPP Committee
Model Event Darren Holcombe

* With sorrow, we lost Adrian unexpectedly on April 19, 2018

The Yukon Orienteering Association is responsible for the overall organization of the week-long festival, and specifically for the NAOC events. Our partners, the Greater Vancouver Orienteering Club (GVOC) and Foothills Orienteering (FWOC), are organizing the COC middle and long events in the Yukon.

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